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Chairman's Notes  -  November 2007


Hi Guys

This is really the month when most of the Moggies get to be lovingly washed polished and bedded down for the winter………with the exception of a few that will be stripped down and re-vamped for the coming 2008 season…………

In the end, October was quite an active month for our branch, we managed to do a couple of Sunday Runs that were really different and enjoyable……….


The first was suggested by Tim and Pam, this was a trip to an open class show at

Bernard Blashil’s Moat Farm, Welwick. It was a kind of mixture between a Sunday Market, Auto Jumble, Steam Fair and Classic Car Show.

We were going to take my Spitfire but the forecast was not good – in fact it was a bit iffy, so Chris and I were out voted and it was decided that we would take a club gazebo in the back of our Pick Up just in case the weather turned nasty, as this ‘do’ was in the middle of nowhere and we were all taking a picnic……..I must admit it was drizzling when we set off so it did seem like a good idea at the time to take some shelter……….

Tim and Pam had decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and go in their MG Midget…….they did the right thing,and I must admit I felt quite jealous as my Spitfire hasn’t really seen the light of day this year……..

The weather turned out to be glorious – we had such a good day – we had five cars from our branch and Ian and Anne who came in a modern car as they had their new pups Ellie and Sky with them.

I must admit that it was on this outing that the idea of a Club Halloween Party came into being……..after a trip to the loo in a garden centre and seeing their Halloween display. (more about that further down the page)

Then Richard emailed us with another little gem of an idea for a Sunday run out………

This was the Gowdall Scarecrow and Pumpkin Festival – Gowdall is a small village adjacent to the M62.

He did warn us not to go if the weather was miserable……….

this was a bit of a hit and miss thing as once we had sorted what cars were going to travel together and who we were going to meet half way and who we were going to meet there, the dye was cast so to speak………so miserable or not we were on our way – it was really miserable!!!!!!!!!

Chris, Pebbles and I after not taking the Spitfire to Welwick (and being ever hopeful about the weather forecast being right in the end) set off in the ‘yellow skateboard on wheels’ to Gowdall, we met up with Graham and Jackie at Paul and Sheena’s and then went on to meet Norman and Jean half way for breakfast. We got to Gowdall in a thick drizzle so we pitched Paul’s small fishing tent to keep us reasonably dry, Geoff and Joan arrived and then Ian and Anne………….The one person who didn’t appear was Richard…………

The sun started to shine at around 1 o’clock and it became a different day, I cannot believe how many people had come to look at the Pumpkins and Scarecrows – we walked the whole village, the ideas and pumpkin carvings were really ingenious and very entertaining. All in all it was fab day out, well worth risking the weather for.





What Paper Bag ?

Quote of the Day came from Paul – One of our members (no names mentioned) apparently
 ‘could get lost in a paper bag’!!!!!!
Wow must be worse than me with directions....

We emailed or rang members with the date for the Halloween party on 3rd November it was decided to make it fancy dress………Every one made a supreme effort – the costumes were great, nobody came ‘undressed’ as it were……….

Pam and Tim had elected to be the hosts at their cottage in Kilham with everyone taking an offering of food and booze.

Ann and Ian brought their caravan and two pups to camp and stay with us for the weekend, this ofcourse saved the drive home to Brigg in the early hours.

Norman and Jean were looking forward to coming but unfortunately had to cancel at the last minute and we had some of the members that were having to work. So with twelve of us plus Pebbles dressed to ‘thrill and kill’ we had a fantastic night, Pam had made several pots of really great stew along with masses of good garlicky bread, so after Sheena’s famous Banoffi Pie and a rather large Sweet Pumpkin Pie and cream we were all stuffed! There are several pretty good photos of the event – not to mention the inventive balloon bursting competition that Jackie came up with………..

Roll on next Halloween……

Chris and I are going down to the Classic Car Show at the NEC on Sunday so perhaps we will see some of you there.

If not hopefully we will see you all at the meeting the night after.

Take care

Sue & Pebbles x
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