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Hi Guy’s

Hi everyone, hope you have had a chance to go out enjoying the sunshine in the last week or so, isn’t it nice to be able to get some much needed vitamin D to the body (and soul) as it is this vitamin that triggers off all the feel good hormones! (well apart from one or two other things but bearing in mind that this is going out world wide we better not go there)!!

Chris, Pebbles and I went down to the National Rally in Somerset at the Haynes Museum at the end of last month, we cheated and didn’t take a Moggie. This was because it was such a long drive and time was short for us due to work commitments (but after all it’s our own business and it’s that, that keeps the ‘wolf from the door’ so to speak) we took the caravan behind the BM. As usual we didn’t manage to make it an easy journey as the navigator sent us off on a really minor (pardon the pun) road to Heynes camp site – Big Brian (Yellow Peril) kept ringing to see how far away we were and I kept telling him 30 minutes – he kept saying you said that last time!!!! Eventually we arrived at 11.45pm the security guard wanted to lock the gates but being a really nice chap had waited around for us at the insistence of the ‘gang’! Brian, Chris, Keith, Lou and Charlie were waiting for us and helped us get the caravan in position, which we tried to do without too much noise for all those others on the field that had already gone to bed. We had a drink and a natter at Lou and Charlie’s then eventually hit the sack at 2pm. It was just starting to rain, it had been thundering and lightening all the way round us for hours (well it was Glastonbury Weekend) we just got to bed and the rain really came down in torrents………… up to low thundery sky’s and gentle very warm drizzle, luckily it changed to the most fantastic hot, hot sunshine.

Chris and I had arranged with Chris and Keith Haigh that we would work along side them for the weekend and give any help and support that we could (they were in charge of the camp site and the booking in and general making sure that all was well on the field, site plans, medics, vets etc. (there is more than people think to organising a National Rally)! So all credit due to the people who do this (no payment involved) all volunteers, I would not want the headaches Andrew Stone has on a bet!!!! I only mention this because as I am sure you all are aware of the saying ‘you can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the  people all of the time’ and there are some really hard to please people out there…………they should have a go at running one of these events!

I digress, the weekend was cracking! Our branch took part in the Inter Branch Challenge – this was to drive a Mini Moke round a chicane obstacle course. Teams of 3, changing driver after each round, 10 penalty points for every cone hit – oops sorry we didn’t even come 3rd!! I must admit I think it was my fault, although I could have done it all again afterwards…..

Haynes Museum is a really great place to visit for the car enthusiast, the high points for me were an MM Van, the whole thing was ‘air brushed’ every nut and bolt, the exhaust, just everything! We took some (well quite a lot) of photos, hopefully Chris will be able to include some. The other two cars I could have brought home were the 1931 Duesenberg 6.9ltr Derham Tourster and the Cadillac Model 452A Madam X  Imperial Cabriolet 1929 these were just FAB!!!!!!! All in all we had a really good weekend with good company and plenty of laughs, it was also good to catch up with some overseas friends Henk and his wife Sofia from the Netherlands.

We ventured across the Pennines for the Lancashire Branch Rally at Leighton Hall yesterday, I swear if the Morris Minor had been on the go when we had the War of the Roses in the fifteenth century it would never have happened!! These Lancastrians are such a warm and friendly bunch!! What a really great day Chris, Pebbles and I had. It was a 240 mile round trip but well worth it!

Don’t forget this month is our own Grange Rally 24th to 26th, we are getting prepared for this but any members with last minute ideas, or offers of help please come forward.

A date to keep free in your diaries is Sunday 6th September for a new event that we have been invited to take part in, it sounds an exciting day so please give me a ring for further information if you would like to join us on that date, all classics are welcome.

See you all at the meeting.

Sue, Pebbles  xx

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