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The North East Come Down To Stay..........

Our pals from the North East had arranged with some of our Branch and Barnsley to camp at Jacob’s Mount in Scarborough for a week.

The weather forecast had been a bit dismal, in fact the whole week turned out to be very up and down. But I think that they all enjoyed themselves despite the weather being a little turbulent. It had been Chris’s and my intention to camp with them also but as often happens work kind of got in the way.......

We did see them quite a lot during the week as they nearly all attended our monthly meeting on the Monday night at The White Horse in Hutton Cranswick for a meal and a very sociable evening. I don’t quite know if the poor staff at the pub new what had hit them………….but at least they were for warned by Jean S earlier in the day………

Then our Branch had arranged a visit to Marshall’s the Humber Car Museum in Hull. This amazing collection of Humber cars must be one of the biggest single owner collections in the world. Unfortunately the place itself is not well signposted so a little hard to find but they do have an email address Telephone 01482 325311 (Garage) or 01482 804466 for the office. Just ask for Allan. Well worth a visit………

After the tour and talk we nearly all headed off to the Victoria Pub for a meal and a lot of laughs………

Maurice and Jean had booked in to camp from Friday night for the weekend as it was our farewell party to them in the beautiful Dalby Forest on the Sunday. This was planned for a BBQ with the ever faithful ‘Chuck Wagon’ or a picnic. Paul, Sheena and Alfie brought along another two BBQ’s for good measure…………..

The day dawned sunny if a little less warm than it had been, living on the coast there is often a sea breeze. This day was no exception………still it was dry……….

Chris, Pebbles and myself set off to Scarborough to do the run to the Forest in convoy with the rest. I think it is always amazing and I must admit quite a thrill when Minors are in a convoy the amount of people whose jaws drop and faces light up when we are passing………for some strange reason it makes them want to wave at you as well……

The ‘Chuck Wagon’ was already in place as some of the troops had gone on ahead. All the rain had made the ground a little muddy in places but our camp site was quite dry………for a while……..

We managed to get some good photos for the album while the sun shone which in all fairness it did for about two hours………

Luckily the Gazebos were erected in readiness for the on coming clouds……….just started the BBQ’s and the heavens decided to open………..some of the more intrepid just put up a brolly………..

We all managed in the end to cram ourselves into the two Gazebos, so at least we managed to eat, Paul bless him kept on cooking in the rain……….

I think I ended up as wet on the inside as I did on the outside (according to my husband) still at least I wasn’t driving……….

We had planned a game of Boules but it really was too wet. I have very kindly been given a set by Geoff and Joan, so I was dying to play, but it wasn’t to be. I think I will take them to the Isle of Wight though……….just in case……….

It was a shame as the weather broke up the party a lot sooner than it would have if the weather had been kind, but I think on the whole despite the weather every one enjoyed themselves, I do hope so anyway as one thing no one can do is order the sunshine………..

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