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This time of the year usually gets off to a flying start with the North Lincs Branch Host Day at Sandtoft Trolley Bus Museum……

And of course this year was no exception……..

It is the third time we have visited North Lincs Host Day here, but the first time for all of us as members of a new MMOC Branch ourselves.

We had a turn out of nine cars with Wolds members, (two vehicles though were doubling up as Barnsley Branch members too)!! One of course was my Chris’s main ‘rival’ to our Pick-up, that was Brian in his yellow Ever Build (as there is no judging done on a Host Day all was ‘calm’) and also Keith and Chris Haigh today in their 4 door saloon.

Kev and Haley arrived in Roony. It was the little Travellers first outing this year after being in quite a few pieces, and it was a noisy one too as Kev had dropped a brass nut into an inaccessible part of Roony’s anatomy!

We had two of the girls missing through being poorly, Jean and Ann, so Norman and Ian their other halves were flying solo.

Maurice and Jean were also missing this year as they had gone off to Oxford for the Easter break in their caravan….

It was quite a doggy outing too, after much persuasion Paul consented to let Sheena take Alfie her black Labrador. We took Pebbles (of course) and also our ‘rescue’ Jack Russell Pippin. Pippin is quite a little character absolutely ditsy, and doesn’t really know the score yet!!!! But we will get there…..

Knowing that the weather forecast is often ‘iffy’ at Easter I had already arranged with Norman to take his small fishing tent just in case it rained.

So when we called for Paul and Sheena I encouraged them to take their tent too.

After flying into North Lincs (my husband really hasn’t got the drift that being out in a Morris Minor is supposed to be a relaxing experience)!

I was glad that we had arranged for the tents as the wind was really blowing and fit to freeze…  Only one problem someone had forgotten their tent poles…

After a bacon sandwich and a very welcome cup of coffee we huddled in Norman’s (very small) fishing tent and settled down to do the quiz that those clever North Lincs people had devised for us. It was clues that all the answers were models of cars, it wasn’t as easy as it first appeared in fact it was downright hard! We all sat there puzzling (I must say Ian knows a thing or two about makes and models)! Paul ended up phoning a friend…… then the family…… then any one else he could think of. The prize for all this effort was a fire extinguisher, Richard let me fill his form out too and we were convinced that we had at least a fair chance of winning……..


We had a very civilized lunch with the odd glass of wine…… of course! More of us huddled in the tent than ever!!!!




Sandy Hamilton gave us his extremely knowledgable commentary about each vehicle.


Then at three o’clock their was the usual parade of the different models of the Minor in the middle of the Trolley Bus Terminus.  It was a shame this year though as we didn’t get the full range of all the models exhibiting for some reason.

My one favourite little Minor is Sandy and Rosie Hamilton’s Millie…… I love her colour, I love her upholstery. She is for sale but Chris says I can’t have her as we have nowhere to put her……..

For any one reading this who doesn’t know about the Millie’s………

These were the millionth Morris Minor to roll of the production line there were only 350 ever made and as far as we know there are only just over a hundred left surviving on the road. They are the most wonderfully girly Lilac colour with white upholstery……. I want that car!!!!!!!!


We managed to sneak in one ride on a Trolley Bus, Alfie didn’t seem too keen and when it came to getting off Paul suddenly sprouted wings, his departure down the stairs was so fast!!!!!!!!! How he managed to hold on to that lead I will never know……

After that experience Paul decided it was time to get down on the grass and have a quick look under Morris (original name, I’ll give them that) as he had thought on the ‘speedy’ journey down keeping up with a certain ‘flying’ pick-up….. yes, the clutch was slipping…….. could look pricey…….

The day ended with the sun really shining and the last of us stragglers making a departure, yet another good day out with the ‘Minors’….

If you have never experienced Sandtoft Trolley Bus Museum, it is well worth a visit, there is a lot more than just the Trams. There is a 1950’s prefab, which always gets you talking to any one else who is looking in there, as everyone can recognize something from their childhood, there is the

old bike shop too, all this and you can ride around on different trolley buses all day……

What a common interest holds for us all and in this case it happens to be the best little car in the world, is that you meet up with friends and probably visit places that you never would go to normally.

Next outing is for us is our Minor’s Drive Day to the York Railway Museum

Sunday 23rd April……. Perhaps we will see you there…..


                                      Still NO Poles.......

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