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REVESBY  -  2006


Sorry but not a great deal to write about the Lincolnshire Rally at Revesby as Chris, Pebbles, Pippin and I sadly had to miss out on this one and it is always such a great weekend.

In fact this was Pippins first paw into the world of Morris Minors at last years Rally there…….

But through the grape vine I hear that it was just as good as ever…….

It was nice to see our Branch of B&Wolds was well represented we had a good show of members there, Chris and Keith Haige who won a 2nd place, and Brian (Yellow Peril) who got a 1st …………well done guys……..

The latest on Winston the Minor being auctioned for charity is that, the funds at the time of posting this stand at £960…………

Well there is always next year………..

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