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Almost ready for the off.....  Note how clean the vehicles were......

Our Maiden Voyage.......

Norman's Run 9th April 2006

Well today was the first time that we have had an official ‘run’ as a new club.

Once again Norman our Events Secretary came up trumps.

We met on Beverly Westward, at 12 o’clock. Of course as usual Chris, Pebbles and myself left Bridlington at the last minute all of a clatter!!!!

As instructed I rang Norman just as we were leaving to tell him to keep everyone talking and that we were on our way. And you will never guess - he actually had his mobile phone turned on!!!!


Mobiles phones are a great invention for Morris Minor owners….. First person to ring me on our way there was Jean S, this was to let us know that Ian and Ann were having car trouble at the other side of the Humber Bridge, air in the fuel line. Jean was hitching a ride with them as Maurice was off on official Minor duties. Any way fearing the worst (all of us know how awkward a poorly Minor can be) she jumped ship and walked back home getting soaked in the process!  Next it was                         Better Late Than Never.......              Sheena, don’t leave without us we are on our way too……

Our journey was very speedy indeed with Pebbles and I clinging to my mobile phone and our seat…. Still we got there in plenty of time. The wind on the Westwood was really blowing and it was fit to cut you in two, but who cares, the welcome was warm…….

We also had two new comers join in, friends of Richard’s, Lisa and Steve with their two daughters Rebecca and Laura. They brought along a very nice traveler, the colour I liked very much and apparently it bares the name of Bedouin Beige – very exotic….. can any one confirm if this is an original colour?

Ann and Ian did manage to arrive just as we were picking out our numbers to set off. We had seven Minors and a ‘whats that’? (silver Corsa to Kev and Haley)!

Goeff and Joan C set off first then Ann and Ian – then us, map clutched in hand I wondered if I could do better this time than last, when I missed the first turn off through talking! Eyes on the map and trying to read the signs as we flew past them, I had to remind Chris that this was ment to be a gentle tootle in the Minor, not hurtling through the country side at high speed (well 70) turning corners at the last minute on two wheels…..

I only missed one turning though and that was the one to Dalton… high speed struck again. Do you know that our pick-up also does 70 in reverse!!!!!!!

Norman had set us a little competition too, observation points (you can’t observe much when it’s all a blurr going past) Pebbles and I did manage to spot them all though, there was a sign near a Grave Yard that was quite an intriguing clue……


On to Huggate – I nearly bought a cottage in Huggate once, that’s a long time ago now…..

The pub there is called The Wolds rather appropriate for us don’t you think? Norman said he had put this very welcome comfort stop in for Jean S and myself, pity she wasn’t there to share it with me…….

Just as a quick point of information….. the food looked and smelt fab, might have to be a trip out to The Wolds at Huggate.

MEANWHILE….. back in the pick-up…….. Pebbles not being allowed in to the said hostelry is having, how shall I put it? Major tantrum perhaps?..... Orgy of destruction?....

 Well whatever it was it resulted in yet another straw hat biting the dust, a kitchen roll (looked like Arsnel had been playing)! But worst of all and the ‘hanging offence’ she had eaten the driver’s side sun visor….. (must have thought we were having lunch in the pub)!

This is not the first time she has gotten peckish, last time we were all in Pizza Express and she ate the preverbal straw hat, kitchen roll plus seat belts…….

Any way back on our travels with vague threats of Pebbles never going Morris Minoring again, we headed off to Langlands Garden Centre for lunch……

Sudden thought they don’t allow dogs on the premises at all…… so we were going to have to head off home………

Jean M who loves our Pebbles to bits wouldn’t hear of it so……..

Bless her and Norman they took it in shifts to sit with our little ‘horror’ who by this time had the ‘don’t let them beat me’ face on, while we enjoyed a fab Sunday roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.

I had a stroll round the garden centre after lunch (super place well worth a visit) with Paul and Sheena (Paul always ends up bankrolling me for some reason)!! Bought some lovely fresh goats cheese and pate, then departed to the car park where every one was saying their goodbyes……and discussing why our pick-up was the dirtiest vehicle there……..its just got to be the speed of travel!!!

Looking forward to the next outing already……


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