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Series MM & Lincolnshire Branch Rally  -  2006


As we have done for the last few years now we spent a super weekend at Black’s Farm enjoying the hospitality of Rosie and Sandy Hamilton.

Black’s Farm is in Lincoln near Boston and Skegness is also hosts the MM Series Rally in this area for Mike Perry.

Chris and I always look forward to our trips here as the company is always great and we get to see people who perhaps we wouldn’t normally catch up with for ages……….


Chris wanted to set off on Friday night but I already had a commitment, so we compromised and got up at 5am (mad or sad)? and set off as soon as we had loaded up the Pick-Up and trailer with Pebbles and Pippin in highly excitable mode…… (Tessa our German Shepherd had gone to a friends for the weekend)


It was l lovely morning the sun was shining and it was actually quite warm for that time of day. We were a bit concerned as the weather forcast had been lousy……. But obviously there was hope….


We arrived at the Farm around 9.30ish to be greeted by the smell of frying bacon wafting on the breeze, I could see Chris’s nose starting to twitch……

But first things first, the trailer tent needed to be put up. We elected our pitch under a lovely old tree and Chris got to work……. A welcome coffee arrived with Sue Cook, and the promise of a bacon sanry, Dave was busy as usual being grill chef…….


Tent up, fed, watered and every one greeted, the decision was made to have a trip to Sunny Skegness. Not wanting to take the Minors for the parking problems at Bank Holiday Chris, Pebs, Pips and me went in Lou and Charlie’s modern car that they had towed their van down with. Lou owns a nice little convertible Minor which was also on sight ready for the run next day. (Lou is the present Regalia Officer for the MMOC) I must say I had a very cosy ride to Skegness squeezed between Brian from Barnsley (Yellow Peril Pick-Up) and my Chris, Pebs and Pips were relegated to the dog space in the back. Sue, Dave and Dale followed with Malcolm and Dorothy…….


Skegness was absolutely heaving!! We trawled through all the tat shops – it’s amazing how tat shops are more interesting in a strange town……. Bought loads of things that we just couldn’t live without, and then went for some lunch before being coaxed into a game of pitch and putt by Dale …… this must be some sort of a girly thing as only Charlie decided to play with us……. we did have a real laugh though, co-ordination with a small white ball and a stick seemed to escape everyone except Charlie….. mean while the rest of the party dozed in the sunshine……


After a walk down the lake side – with some family’s of Canadian geese roosting, super sight………it was off for the most gorgeous ice cream (both Jack Russels enjoyed theirs immensely)!..........


Chris, Dorothy, Malcolm me and the Jacks had a wander on the antique wooden pier and a cup off coffee, while the others hit the amusements, it was blowing a gale but the sun was fab……..

We finally tracked Brian down (he had gone on a small spree of his own for the day) then hit Tesco for some further supplies, and then another ‘cosy’ ride back to base……… see more tents and more old and what became new friends……


Rosie had organised us a fish and chip supper which was very welcome after all that fresh air………and of course the wine also flowed…… I did make another new friend Chrissy from down in the Milton Keynes area. Chrissy had travelled all the way to Lincoln in her Green MM with only ‘Teddy’ for company – ‘Teddy’ is a lovely old bear a proper one……….

Chrissy was well geared up for the cold she kept a hot water bottle under her jacket, which she kindly lent me that night when I was freezing in Sandy’s barn. I must remember to take a couple of these when we camp at early in the year Rallys……..


Sunday is the official MM Series Rally and BBQ. It seemed a pity that there were only a  few MM’s there, but I suppose at the end of the day a lot of these super little cars are not driven very far, or are of such  high standard they are only taken to shows near to their home………

I am now a definite convert, I had a really good look at them and must admit I noticed things about them that I never have before……..for example Bill and Lesley Hewlett’s have got the Lucus cat’s eye in the headlights……..


Sunday morning saw Lesley and I in Rosie’s ‘new’ kitchen…..being girly for a minute…..the new kitchen is fab! Making large quantities of Bread and Butter puddings. This cooking expedition had started off the night before, with not wanting to waste any left over bread and butter from he fish and chip supper!!!!!!!! And say what it would have been used for when we were kids…….


That afternoon saw a shopping trip to Asda (this was quite exciting for me as I haven’t been in an Asda for years) sad I know……but I along with Sue Cook picked up some fab bargains…….


Back to base for glasses of nicely chilled wine and a BBQ party, lots of chat and relaxation. Sandy and Rosies new neighbours from South Africa came over to join in the fun (they have shipped all their Minors over to England). Unfortunately again the weather had decided to become a little ‘iffy’, but not to worry we were all in Sandy’s barn with the Minors…….for afters of course was the by now famous Bread and Butter Pudding with double cream no less. Lesley and I were quite chuffed that all three huge dishes that we had ‘slaved’ over whilst swapping recipe ideas vanished almost at once!


I trotted off to bed with the Pebbles and Pippin at around ten o’clock, and it was just starting to rain big style. Chris however stayed and sampled some of Sandy’s rather nice whisky………..


I think he got blown into the tent two hours later, or was that just his excuse for wobbly whisky legs perhaps? Any way and so to bed…….the wind didn’t just blow it howled round our tent, it lashed with rain, I was starting to get wet, I was starting to get worried about this lovely old tree we were camped under………

Chris of course was sleeping through it all……….


I got up at five, I was so soggy, made myself a coffee and looked out at the rain……then, bless there was a little figure wandering around in green waterproofs and wellies……Chrissy had been rained out of her tent, so had decided to pack it up ready to go, poor Brian was missing altogether, his tent had collapsed!!!!!! Any way Chrissy and I spent the next couple of hours huddled over coffee in the kitchen of our tent chatting and putting the world to rights and watching the relentless rain coming down……Chris at this stage was sort of semi conscious……….


Once everyone was out and about the weather had changed to a light drizzle, we were going to the Lancaster Air Museum that afternoon so we were all hoping it would cheer up a bit. It did but was cold and windy.

The museum was fascinating, a Lancaster Bomber up close is something else! Rides to taxi (only taxi) up the runway, a mere £160.00 per person per‘taxi’!!!!!!! Yes, and they are booked up except for the odd place until September!!!!

There was a super poem in front of the Lancaster, it made me want to cry…….hopefully we managed to take a photo so that you can all read it too…..


Back to the Farm and to pack up our trailer tent, hopefully it had dried out a bit….with all hands on deck we managed to get packed away ready to go after we had eaten……

Sandy and Rosie had laid on another BBQ, this time of course it was a ‘good bye’ super for us……….


We set off home after a fab weekend, as always…….new friends and old…….


If anyone reading this is interested in having a really good time with our Club and its members please contact any of us on our Contacts Page…… and lets get you involved!


Sue, Chris, Pebbles & Pippin x

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