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Giant Bradley Day - Market Weighton


It was a fine mostly sunny morning when Chris, Pebbles and myself set off in Doris our Pick-Up for Market Weighton and The Giant Bradley Day Festival. We were armed with enough chicken sandwiches to feed the entire club and of course the odd bottle of wine……….


I had bought a couple of England flags to go on each window………show some patriotism I thought. I don’t really like footie but I like to support the country in the world cup.

Back to the flags……..not being used to having this sort of thing (Chris wasn’t real happy about me putting them on Doris) so he didn’t help. I neglected to put the little spike through the material, so we lost the flags somewhere on the way to Driffield………I bet the driver behind us was somewhat amused!!!!!!!


Brian from Barnsley with the ‘Yellow Peril’ Pick-Up was the first of the group to arrive, having traveled the furthest, he had already rung me at eight thirty from the motorway to make sure he was going in the right direction. When we got there he was just finishing off washing said vehicle and putting the bonnet up……….now that is dedication…..


I was so pleased we had a really good turn out. Ten cars. This was great as it was our first ‘event’ display as our own Branch…….


I managed to buy some more England flags from the hardware store across the road. And then it was off for bacon and egg butties and coffee……..

The main road had been closed off and there were literally hundreds of people taking part in all that was going on……. It was a real family atmosphere, anything from bonny baby competitions to Donkey rides.


What the day was all about was to celebrate the life of Market Weighton’s own son William Bradley.


 William Bradley was Britain’s tallest ever man standing at a whopping 7ft 9ins tall. He was born in 1787 and died in 1920 at the age of 33. There is a photo of his house with his shoe size on the wall……the doorways had to specially adapted and he weighed 27 stones.

Chris Greener is Britain’s current Tallest Man standing at just over 7ft 6ins. He is now 63 and this was to be his last appearance at the Giant Bradley Festival. There was great excitement when he arrived. He actually gets around on a motorized scooter, but he is such a nice man and didn’t mind getting off and posing for photos with us all.


The Mayor of Market Weighton presented him with a plaque for all the years and support that he has given to various events there, they had wanted to give him the freedom of the Town but apparently this is not a done thing anymore. What a shame…….


Kevin and Richard were playing with the two Colins and their band Teamwork, we discovered that this event was taking place in Netto car park at one fifteen (great claim to fame this one)……..



Just time for a browse round and a quick pint at the pub before the event……..Pebbles was impressed as she was allowed in, and had a drink and her own stool provided…….

Brian was telling little Jean M how to play the Fruit Machines and win while Norman sat shaking his head!!!!!!! As always we had a good laugh about most things in general…….


The Boys in the Band were excellent as usual and had us all clapping and cheering, it was a pity that is was just a half hour slot, as they drew a really large crowd and I am sure out of all the bands that were on they were the best. (who said I was prejudiced)? Still don’t forget they are playing at the National Rally at Scunthorpe and also at our very own ’Party in the Park’ on the Sunday 30th July at our Rally at Sewerby. Special event this one as it is my Chris’s birthday…….


A wander back to the Minors for some lunch and a glass of wine…….the only draw back was we did seem to be parked in a ‘wind tunnel’. If we are asked to go again I think we need a different area to park in!

There were also some super old classic lorries, but they were more sheltered than us at the back of the Farmers Market. (Which seemed to be selling everything from produce to jewellery)! I bought a very nice hand made pottery salt and pepper set, keeping in with the theme of the countryside its sheep! But I liked it as it was unusual.


I also tried to win a hand made rocking horse in the form of a very soft sheepskin sheep but didn’t have any success, Chris was pleased as we would have had a problem getting it home and then where would I have put it????? I do think that Pebbles would have enjoyed dozing on it though…….


Big Pete arrived to crush a car and do some tricks. Big Pete is one of those American jobbies, a great big cab on even bigger wheels, that definitely got the crowd going, and all us Minor owners too as he just managed to squeeze past our cars……..


The whole of our club were treated to strawberries and cream by Brian, bless him….. they were fab too, I can’t say that I have tasted strawberries that sweet for years.


Around the four thirty mark people had started drifting away….. I think that the organizers were pleased with our turn out, I certainly was. And we certainly got a lot of attention from the public. As always everybody has a Morris Minor story to tell……


We headed back to Bridlington with Brian following on………he was going to have some seaside fish and chips and have a go at our gaming houses before heading back to Barnsley. After a coffee at our place we said our goodbyes……


The weather actually managed to stay fine……..I am sure every one got something from this really pleasant day out…..


"TeamWork"   As Seen in NETTO car park

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