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Elsecar 2006  -  Heritage Museum Barnsley

We woke up to glorious sunshine at seven o’clock. Wow this looked very promising after the last few outings that we had had…….It normally takes us a good couple of hours to get to Elsecar so we needed an early start to be there for around tenish…..


I always enjoy Elsecar Heritage centre, they have some fab antique stalls and a really good pine shop……and of course Barnsley always put on a good do…..


Unfortunately the nearer we got to our destination the darker the clouds, until it started to pour down with rain, we groaned……


When we arrived the welcome was warm as always but the weather was diabolical……it is such a shame as any event has a lot of thought and planning go into it.


We were shown to our parking spot with the other members of our Branch, we were a bit thin on the ground I am sorry to say, but this was due mainly to work commitments by our members……….

We went off to get some hot coffee with Norman and Jean, having Pebbles with us we couldn’t go into the coffee shop, so we stood sheltering outside. Maurice and Jean arrived and we all went for a look round the attractions. This year I must say I wasn’t tempted to spend……….much to Chris’s relief


There was a very good Brass Band playing, but even for them I don’t think that they got the attention that their talents deserved………


The pub seemed a good option for lunch so we made our way up the road to see what food we could find………the first pub we came to is the one that Barnsley hold their monthly meetings at, we had been to their really great Christmas Party there so we knew that Pebs would be allowed in, problem was only sandwiches……….try the next pub on……..

  Pebbles thought the local pub was very civilized!!

Yes, Sunday lunch was being served, it looked a much posher place,  firstly on going in we met two extremely rude, ignorant people trying to block the entrance and basically this particular pub went down hill from then on……..they told us that they were fully booked for the next four hours and that Pebbles wasn’t welcome on the premises, so we left and went back to the welcoming pub with sandwiches……..this in actual fact turned out to be a gem as the Landlord brought out two huge dishes of freshly cooked Indian tip-bits for us for free!!!!!!!!

Still raining we wandered back to camp and cracked open a bottle of wine while huddled under Maurice’s big umbrella……


I did manage to win a couple of prizes on the Tombolla but didn’t get the weight of the cake……shame……


Chris managed to pick up a third prize rosette for Doris. We are slipping a bit as there are some patches on the paintwork that need touching up……this is usually my job, so I must get on with it before the next prize giving event…….


As always it was nice to see everybody and have a laugh……yes you can still have a laugh even when the ‘Heavens’ are opening if the company is right…….


Well done again Richard!!!!

This super little Split Screen
Series II wins every where it goes.

And rightly so, she is fab. It just shows what you can do with a little time and love.......

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