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The Minor's Drive Day... YORK....
Sunday 23rd April 2006



Another good day was had by all on the DRIVE DAY to the York Railway Museum yesterday Sunday 23rd April.

The day dawned a bit overcast and chilly for us on the coast, but leaving Pebbles behind to act like a normal dog for the day (she was not amused)! Chris and I set off in Doris to meet up with Sheena, Paul, Jackie and Graham in Driffield.

It was Graham and Jackies first run out in their Traveler since having some work done, two wings some flooring and a re-spray. This little Traveler has a bit of history as it was first registered in Holland in 1958 of all places, then shipped to England in 1961.

We set off in convoy (we weren’t allowed to lead this time as we are always told we go too fast)!!!! Sheena’s car was carrying five, though one was only very small. Jackie and Graham who elected to lead had five also (it is a really great day out for kids), that is until there was a mini explosion in the back of the Traveler…….. it was ok though it was only the coffee flask that had broken and nearly given Graham a funny turn at the wheel, so on we went with coffee sloshing everywhere……..

We tootled along to Stamford Bridge at a steady fifty. It was very nice I could spot all the things that we normally flash past, like birds and flowers in the hedge rows eg:……..Had a quick comfort break there, then Chris and I took the lead into York as I am a Yorkie born and bred I could take us to the Museum with no trouble.

Wow what a great turn out, we drove in and there were at least twenty four cars there already with more following up on us.

Sue and Dave, Joe and Brian from the Northeast where already there, as were Maurice, Norman, Jean and Jean, along with half of the Barnsley Branch. They all made us feel quite late really as we had about the least distance to come.

What to do first, that was the question? So after saying hello to everyone we hadn’t seen for ages we decided before it got too busy to go on the York Wheel. Maurice, Jean, Chris, myself and little Jean M climbed into our ‘pod’. Cameras at the ready…


I wasn’t given confidence when as we were getting seated Jean M asked the attendant if there were any sick bags provided…… the nice young lady just pointed to a yellow button in the ceiling and said if you feel queasy press that, and it gets you straight through to the control room who will bring you down straight away……..Norman had elected not to go, quite sensible really he must have known that his Jean had a tendency to want to say hello to her breakfast again when looking down from a great height……….

It was really good  for me to see my home city from that angle, I could pick out quite a few places that look very different from up there, and I am sure that we all, including Jean in the end enjoyed the experience..…..

When we landed Jean S decided that the ‘sun had gone over the yard arm’ well it was 11.30 after all!!!!!!!

We congregated around their Minor and broke out the picnic hamper……. More chat and discussion about events to come, it’s amazing when Minor folk are at one event they are always planning future ones at the same time……..

Then it was off to find a pub for some lunch, I tried to put a little culture into the walk, pointing out a few architectural land marks etc, but there were those among the party (no names mentioned, but I bet you can guess) with  no soul as to the beauty that they were surrounded with………..

A lot of our Minor people after going round the trains and the wheel took the opportunity to go right into the city to do a spot of shopping, I daren’t as Jean M always makes me spend money, so it was back to base for some more hospitality and chat…….by this time it was fit for sunbathing, what a lovely day it had turned out……

It is amazing how soon four o’clock came around, and not wanting to leave Pebbles on her own too long (she had had our staff for company for some of the day) but she, as sweet as she is can be a one dog destruction zone when peeved at being left behind, as some of you will already know!!!!!

 So we decided to make an early break for it, Jackie and Graham decided to follow us home or try to get in our slip stream I’m not sure which!!!!!!

In all fairness when we got home all was well and she had been as good as gold – I don’t know how noisy but……….

Before closing though I must say well done to Chris and Keith Haigh and all who helped for arranging such a good event.

 The Wheel is a new attraction for the Railway Museum – not obviously as big as the London Eye but well worth the £6.00 per person. So if you get a chance take a ride……….



What an unusual sight!!!!!!
NO Not the York wheel....

Jean S. & Sue A. with a glass in there hands.....



Watch out Norman ....        
Keith is coming for you....



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