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Chairman's Notes  -  June 2007

Kev Brown as Magazine Editor.

Information for everyone out there, this is just a short piece to confirm for any of our members and members of other clubs that our Magazine Editor Kev Brown has decided to give up the post Ė this is due to personal reasons and also trying to get club members to write articles for the magazine which proved difficult at times.

Unfortunately unless there is another budding Editor out there who would like to take on the role, for the time being at least there will be no monthly magazine produced.

I would like to thank Kev for all his efforts over the past months, as I am sure it really is more time consuming to produce this sort of literature than people think.

Articles donít write themselves, I think what people forget or donít really realize is that the articles donít have to be directly (or even indirectly) about Morris Minors.

At the end of the day a story is a story and anything that will entertain people is what itís all about. Jokes that you found funny (not too smutty)! All of this goes towards filling pages. So guys if we do find another Editor have a go at putting pen to paper.

In the mean time I will be posting my Chin Wag every month on the web and I am sure that Maurice will add his piece too. We will also gladly publish dates of events for anything of interest going on that club members may like to take part in. So if you have any dates for the diary please send them in via e-mail or phone (this info is on the contacts page) and any other pieces and pics you may have.


Chairman BWMMOC

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